Legacy Insurance


A complete launch package (branding, web design, and print design) for a rockstar all-female team starting their own independent insurance agency.

When I first met with Jonnie and Olivia, they asked for something “Kate Spade.” A bold, black and white color palette with gold accents and an overall luxe feel of high-end quality—reflecting the high-quality service and products they provide as independent insurance agents.
desktop and mobile mockup of Legacy Insurance Partner website

Art direction

To start, I created this art direction document to pinpoint the overall look and feel of the brand, and then guide all the marketing and design.
mood board for Legacy Insurance Partners

Logo Design

final logo for Legacy Insurance Partners
Bringing gold into the design was a big anchor to the luxe feeling of the brand and we incorporated this into the logo. This four-color version isn’t practical for every situation (think embroidered shirts or screen printed promotional items). So, I also created additional versions that they can use in different applications.
two color version of Legacy Insurance Partners logo
one color black version of Legacy Insurance Partners logo
one color white version of Legacy Insurance Partners logo

Web Design

For the Legacy Insurance Partners website, I carried over the overall look and feel from the art direction to the website by sticking to a bold palette, gold accents, and geometric patterns and elements.

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